From which I come, I shall come again!


Leo Evans

Coming from which I come from, I came into this life February 20TH 1956, to which I’ll leave here, date unknown but I will transform into another matter, which is  greater than this.

For every step into the unknown is a higher quest to which we begin another journey, life as we once knew before this and after this will never be the same as we once knew and all that we knew is completely unknown…what a great refreshing new beginning for all of us, a new start, a new existence and a new journey completely unknown from which we come…and I shall come again…But better than before.

And pain is gone forever…sorrow, sadness, hurt, violence, death…life lives, and life is truly its happiest, as it was meant to be. I’ll see you there and together will enjoy all the beautiful colors, sights, sound and smells that drift by slowly for all to share.  Know one bares any shame, or blame, the faults you once bared…mean nothing or know one cares…it’s a new beginning, a clean slate…for all is given a rebirth to a new beginning…with no end.

It is the heaven we all seek, and were now one big family…understanding, discovering all that needs to be understood and discovered, learning, growing, laughing, singing, dancing being part of the entire universe…we all now understand and embrace the whole human race and others, there is so much to do and partake in this heavenly life, life lives forever…there, living in perfect balance and harmony…from which I come, I shall come again…for all and too all that made their original swim that ignited there physical lives, now awaken into a life from which they come, and has come again spiritually.

Waterfalls, and rainbows, appear all around, the dark exist no more only the light…truth lives right along side you…peace, love, and a sweet existence to be in place forever…life has come to be understood and everything about it…I thank God for my salvation and all that I come to be and realize through which I come and shall come again.

Three ~ Three ~ Two Thousand Twelve

Leo Evans ~ LeoArtist

“Fear not the one that you don’t know…Fear the one that you do know. For the things you think you know…are the things you don’t know.”
Leo Evans
Three ~ Twenty One ~ Two Thousand Fifteen

“Elevate Your Concentration …Pinpoint your Focus, Zero in on Success.”
 Leo Evans
Four ~ One ~ Two Thousand Twelve

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Born: February 20th 1956 - Hollywood, CA. 

High School: Manual Arts H.S. - Los Angeles, CA. 
Graduated 1973 

College: Los Angeles Trade Technical College:Los Angeles, CA. 
Attended : 1977 - 1978 - Mechanical Drafting. 

College: Los Angeles City College - Los Angeles, CA. 
Attended 1985 - 1987 - Management Information Technology. 

Career in the IT profession: Employed by several major corporation - from 1981 - Current. 

Currently lives in: Fontana, CA. 

Always' a visionary and realist, everything I do is for the sole purpose of pleasing, provoking thought, asking the question, and then an indelible possession of the public trust as one of the best artist and painters' of this time. Type your paragraph here.